International Day of Peace 2023

By: administrator | Posted on: 27/09/2023 11:12:36

There is a need for peace from individual to whole cosmos - Brahmachari Girish Ji
Every individual first needs to be friend with his own Atma-his soul, because soul is the root of human life and without root a plant or tree cannot survive for long. We have our roots, our spiritual consciousness. Without its awakening, it is impossible to achieve real happiness in life. Out of seven states of consciousness, the most important is Transcendental Consciousness.
In today's time, a common man is not able to perform many tasks of daily life simultaneously, but twice daily practice of Transcendental Meditation provides a lot to a person in a few minutes. The most revered His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji has never talked about peace in a small place, city, state or a country but world peace for our dear global family and welfare of every individual on earth. Going beyond the boundaries of time and space, Maharishi ji has inspired the world family for welfare of the society at large.